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CHANGELOG SEP 01 - SEP 17, 2023

GM Flex

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CHANGELOG SEPT 01 - SEPT  17, 2023

☑️ Enabled War of Emperium & boosted original castle treasure's profitability. (https://flex-ro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/101-war-of-emperium-inaguration/) 
☑️ Created a new Starter Pack of freebies for all our current and future players & a new webpage to showcase it. (https://flex-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=start)
☑️ Added a new NPC to the Flex Market to manage the different auras and sell premium auras for Cash Shop & Flex Coins.
☑️ Added a new automated event, the Clucker's Event. The cluckers will nuke anyone that tickles him, until a lucky player manages to tickle 350 Flex Coins out of it.
☑️ Modified the Thief Bug Event kill requirement to be dynamic. It should extend or shorten the event duration based on participation.
☑️ Added new automated event, Treasure Box Event, runs every hour and spawns 30 treasure boxes in a random city. 5 of them contain 50k Zeny!
☑️ Created a new page on our website to showcase our automated event and event times (https://flex-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=events)
☑️ Created Tradeable versions for Bubblegum, Field Manual, Gym Pass, Enriched Ori/Elu and Giant Fly wings.
☑️ Enabled the @refresh command.
☑️ Enabled the logging of kills for the PvP Ladder on the website.

🪲 Fixed a sprite issue with Chewing Bubblegum.
🪲 Fixed a bug with the wedding npc giving out the wrong rings to the groom and bride of same gender marriages.
🪲 Fixed a bug with the Robot Eye quest that made it unabled to be completed.
🪲 Fixed a bug with Green Potion not curing Confusion.
🪲 Fix Incubus pet effect when loyal not giving proper bonuses.

🔨 Changed party range limit from 10 to 15.
🔨 Extended the autotrade limit from 5 days to 10 days. (Requires reboot to take effect)
🔨 Disabled the idle time limit for party sharing. Leechers will no longer stop receving EXP after 20 seconds of inactivity.
🔨 Modified the official WoE guilds to enable teleporting outside of the castles for a fee of 1,900z.
🔨 Disabled PK mode outside of WoE castles (prt_gld, pay_gld and gef_fild13).

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