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PvP Update: Dive into the Action Now!

GM Flex

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Hello, FlexRO Community!

We're thrilled to announce a major update to our PvP system, designed to bring fast-paced and accessible action to our current and future players. With this update, we hope to attract a large crowd of casual players who are hungry for RO PvP but lack the time to farm competitive equipment. Get ready to experience the thrill of battle like never before!

🏟️ New PvP Arenas - Variety and Challenge!

  • Battle Arena: Craving competition? The Battle Arena is where you prove your worth. Strict rules ensure fair play: no kill farming, no dual client, and every kill earns you tradeable PvP coins. Kills also count towards weekly and monthly rankings, with handsome rewards for the top three warriors. (more on this below)
    • Rotating Arenas: We have introduced 5 Classic PvP arenas that rotate every six hours. Each arena offers a distinct battleground to test your skills and switch up the meta. Some arenas will benefit certain classes, which makes for a more dynamic experience.
    • Happy Hour Bonanza: Jump into action during our Happy Hour, starting every six hours. For one hour, earn 2x PvP coins to boost your arsenal.
      • Schedule: Happy Hour Starts at 04:00, 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00 server time (@time)
  • Free for All Arena: For a more relaxed experience, head to our Free for All Arena. Test your skills, experiment with strategies, and have fun without the pressure of rankings or rules. Kills in this arena do not count towards your PvP coin tally or rankings, and dual clients are allowed.

image.png.58260c6a024f32ff97b5208f95115924.png   image.png.8f3add648b4fff2d9fa73457bbafc03d.png   image.png.bedf1a6147f9b7bb0f52680c6bc560fc.png   image.png.cd17512fec4b2285aeed72fbcb5a2344.png   image.png.a0ef70931a1ecbf07904e3b4d1f6e5df.png

🪙 PvP Coins and Exclusive Shops

  • PvP Coins: Rack up PvP coins with every kill. These coins are your ticket to exclusive PvP shops, stocked with headgears, weapons, equipment, and consumables. The items and prices in the shop are extremely likely to change in the future, with more items being added, and prices increased or lowered based on server needs.
  • PvP Market: The PvP shops can be found in the north west building in the center of Prontera, where the tool dealer used to be.
  • Item Suggestions: Use this form to suggest new items to add to the PvP Market! https://forms.gle/gxXVsiTeb6mtEGp36

Coins are tradeable

More shops & items to come~

🛡️ Battle Rental Sets - PvP Made Easy

  • New to PvP? No worries! We've got you covered with our Battle Rental Set, tailored to help you jump right into the action without any delay.
    • Battle Set: The set comes with a Battle Beret, Glorious Suit, Glorious Muffler, Glorious Shoes, Glorious Ring and your choice of Glorious Weapon and Medal of Honor.
  • The set can be claimed once per account, it is not limited to 1 per device. It lasts for 30 days, but permanent versions can be purchased at the PvP Market.

🚫 PK Mode Removal

  • We have disabled PK mode to focus all the PvP activity in our PvP Arenas and upcoming Battlegrounds.

📉 Lowered PvP Entry Requirements

  • Now, players level 95 and above can join the PvP fun. We're making PvP more accessible to ensure everyone gets a chance to showcase their skills. There is no level requirement for the Free for All Arena.

📉 Weekly Rewards & Ranking

  • Every Monday, starting the Nov 27th, the top performing players will win the following prizes.
    • Best Overall: (Formula Kills-Deaths = Points) 
      • Reward: 2,500 Cash Points & 7 Million Zeny
    • Most Kills: Reward for most kills, regardless of deaths.
      • Reward: 2000 Cash Points & 5 Million Zeny
  • The kill log showing each killer and victim and time stamp will be publicly available for informational and anti abuse purposes.
  • Ranking will be available in a daily, weekly, monthly and all time on our website and in-game.

This update is all about bringing the community together, offering both competitive and casual PvP experiences. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or just starting, there's something for everyone in our new PvP arenas.

Join the battle, earn your glory, and let the world know your name!

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