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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event

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Hey FlexRO Adventurers,

We're excited to announce our Cyber Monday and Black Friday event, and trust us, you won't want to miss it.. But don't worry, you've got until December 3rd to take advantage of the event. Here's a quick rundown of what's in store for you:

Cyber Monday & Black Friday Event Details:

  • 30% More Cash Points: For every donation you make during this event, you'll receive a whopping 30% extra cash points! It's the perfect opportunity to support the server and boost your in-game resources.
    • Cyber Black Box Rewards: For every 10$ donated to FlexRO, you will receive a Cyber Black Box in addition to the already discounted cash points!
    • Retroactive: Any donation made in the last 7 days will be able to claim Cyber Black Boxes based on the amount donated. Please reach out via Discord or Helpdesk to claim the Cyber Black Boxes.
  • Discord Coupon: Get a free Cyber Black Box as a token of gratitude from FlexRO to you! Use code: Thanksgiving2023 at the gift NPC in Prontera¬†to get your freebie!
  • Lower Flex Coin Cost: During the event, we're reducing the price of Flex Coins obtained from Flex Coin Dealer by a whooping 30%. Make sure to stock up on the Flex Coins, as new NPCs and Shops are going to be introduced into the Flex Market soon!
  • Daily Quest Bonuses: Completing your daily quests now comes with an exciting twist. There's a 20% chance that you'll earn a Cyber Black Box as a bonus reward. Don't miss out on this daily opportunity!
  • Scavenger Hunt Fun: Participate in our Scavenger Hunt and enjoy a 10% chance to earn a Cyber Black Box. Get ready for some adventurous treasure hunting!
  • PvP Excitement: Engage in player versus player combat and stand a chance to earn Cyber Black Boxes. PvP kills have a 1% chance to reward you with a Cyber Black Box, and during Happy Hours, that chance increases to 2%!

What's Inside the Cyber Black Box?


The Cyber Black Box contains a treasure trove of surprises, including:

  • Old Card Album (15%)
  • Headgear Dispenser Voucher (15%)
  • 3x Bubblegum (10%)
  • 2x Gym Pass (10%)
  • Halloween Headgear Bag (8%)
  • 2,000 Flex Coins (7%)
  • Jewelry Box (7%)
  • 1x Max Level Scroll (5%)
  • 10x Bubblegum (4%)
  • 10x Field Manual (4%)
  • 5x Enriched Oridecon (4%)
  • 5x Enriched Elunium (3%)
  • 5,000,000 Zeny (3%)
  • 4,000 Flex Coins (3%)
  • 2,000 Cash Points (2%)
  • 10,000,000 Zeny (1%)
  • 10,000 Flex Coins (1%)

Get ready to dive into the excitement of Cyber Monday and Black Friday on FlexRO. This event is one you don't want to miss.

Have questions or want to share your excitement? Drop a comment below and let's discuss the upcoming event!

The event will run from November 23 until December 3, 2023

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