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iCUE flagged by Anticheat


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The software for running my memory's LED pattern is being flagged by the Antivirus. Closing it lets me log in but seems like a mistake to have it blocked, it's a common software. Thank you for brining this server online and all the work you do to support it!

iCUE flagged by anticheat.png

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Hey there!

I just did a quick Google search and it appears that software also allows to create macros, and this may be the reason Gepard Shield does not let you use it along side the game!

I myself has encountered the same issue with my mouse, i only used it to change the LED pattern and such, but i have to close the software because it also lets configure macros on a single button, and Gepard dettects it.

Sorry you're finding trouble, but hopefully you understand why it's being flagged as it is!


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