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CHANGELOG AUG 02 - AUG 09, 2023

GM Flex

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CHANGELOG AUG 2 - AUG  09, 2023

☑️ Added MvP kill log to keep track of which MvPs are killed, by who, class, and other measures. (Available on the website Character Ranking --> MvP)
☑️ Added an MvP Ranking feature to the Player Ranking NPC in prontera with options to show top MvP killer for various time frames.
☑️ Added a new Daily Quest system that provides unique quest to players and rewards them with EXP and Flex Coins. (Prontera 135 215)
☑️ Added 7 Daily Quest Challegnge and reward system.
☑️ Added a 30 minute automated broadcast with useful tips, and community building broadcasts.
☑️ Implemented a new automated event, the Pest Invasion, rewards players for killing pests in a random city. The player that kills the pest leader wins 300 Flex Coins.
☑️ Implemented Scavenger Hunt NPC - Similar to daily quest, it rewards players for turning in the items before other people do. (Prontera 130 195)
☑️ Implemented a Party Manager NPC and Party Search feature to the FlexRO Manual to allow players to find active parties and look for party members.
☑️ Added a new page on the website to showcase the headgears available in the Dispenser NPC with link to each item to see description and effect.(https://flex-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=headgears)
☑️ Implemented a new luck based Headgear Dispenser NPC with over a hundred official headgears available.
☑️ Added Headgear Dispenser Ticket to the Cash Shop for 300 points.

🪲 Fixed a bug with the Card Remover NPC which resulted in card loss when attempt failed.
🪲 Fixed a bug with mischevous fairy ears having a missing sprite.
🪲 Fixed a bug with Clover in Mouth not giving the proper Luk bonus.
🪲 Fixed a typo on the Book of Apocalyse description.

🔨  Increased the amount of Flex Coins earned per vote from 5x to 25x. There are 6 vote sites with 24 hour cool down (6*25 = 150 free Coins per day) (https://flex-ro.com/?module=account&action=login&return_url=%2F%3Fmodule%3Dvote)
🔨  Increased EXP per party share member from 15 to 30%
🔨  Increased additional EXP per attacker from 25 to 40%
🔨  Made a few previously character bound headgears account bound (Spare Card, Angry Mouth, 4 Leaf Clover in Mouth)

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