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CHANGELOG AUG 10 - AUG 15, 2023

GM Flex

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CHANGELOG AUG 10 - AUG  15, 2023

☑️ Implemented a Theme of the Day system which features different bonus based on day of the week. (Check announcement for details)
☑️ Added a new forger NPC inside the Prontera Refine shop that will charge a zeny fee and materials in return for forging elemental weapons. (The success rate is slightly lower than an actual Blacksmith)
☑️ Added commands @alootype and @alootid to filter the items you loot automatically.
☑️ Added command @hatch to allow players to put away and hatch their pets without limitations.
☑️ Added Event NPC to allow GMs to give away Flex Coins as event rewards in a controlled manner.
☑️ Added a new map with dual client disabled to allow GMs to host certain events.
☑️ Added heal & buff option to the Dead Branch Assistant NPC.
☑️ Added a Dead Branch Assistant NPC to the public Dead Branch room.
☑️ Added a Zeny ranking to the Player Ranks NPC in Prontera to show the top 50 richest players.

🪲 Fixed a bug with Gentlemens Pipe missing a sprite.
🪲 Fixed a bug with Donut in Mouth not giving the right effect.
🪲 Fixed a bug with Peco Peco Ears causing errors.
🪲 Fixed a bug with the Card Remover NPC still failing and charging fee.
🪲 Fixed a bug with the description of Enriched Oridecon/Elunium incorrectly stating that they protect against breaking.
🪲 Fixed a bug with the description of chewing bubblegum costume.

🔨 The Healer and Buffer NPC now gives free buffs/heals in Prontera
🔨 Adjusted the Scavenger Hunt NPC to allow the reward to go up every 5 minutes the hunt is available.
🔨 Added Zeny as an additional reward to Scavenger Hunt.
🔨 The Flex Coin regeneration rate on the Flex Coin Exchanger NPC has been increased from 5 per minute to 7 per minute. (Increases supply by 40%~)
🔨 Increased the reward per round on the Disguise Event from 10k to 50k Zeny and 15 Flex Coins per roun (20 rounds).
🔨 Added a check to the Disguise Event to prevent back to back winners. Previous round winner cannot win next round.
🔨 Reduced the cost of Bubblegum on the Cash Shop from 125 to 75 Cash Points. The Box of 10 from 1000 to 600.
🔨 Reduced the cost of Field Manual on the Cash Shop from 100 to 50 Cash Points. The Box of 10 from 850 to 450.
🔨 Reduced the cost of Gym Pass on Cash Shop from 200 to 100 points. The box of 10 from 1500 to 850

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