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CHANGELOG AUG 16 - AUG 20, 2023

GM Flex

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CHANGELOG AUG 16 - AUG  20, 2023

☑️ Implemented 12 new EXP Repeatable Quests unique to FlexRO. (https://flex-ro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/90-new-repeatable-quests-added/)
☑️ Added channel #recruit for party and guild recruitment messages. It can be disabled via Main NPC.
☑️ Implemented a Day/Night mode schedule to change the scenery every few hours.
☑️ Added commands @ws and @whosell, @wb and @whobuy as shortcuts for @whosells and @whobuys
☑️ Added the command @rates to show the current drop/base rates, especially during daily themes.
☑️ Implemented Adventurers Agency Party Booking System.
☑️ Implemented @lpg (light plugin graphics) to reduce certain skill's effect and provide visual assistance for other.
☑️ Implemented 6 new headgear quests from the Suggest a Quest event into the Quest Board NPC. (Robo Eyes, Sunglasses[1]. Angel Spirit, Filir's Pinions, Satanic Bone Helm, Crown of Deceit)
☑️ Implemented capability for custom auras. They will be unlocked through several different ways. Stay tuned
☑️ Added command @show_auras to control whether you see auras ad on who.

🪲 Fixed a bug with Star Gladiatior not being able to reach Job Level 50.
🪲 Fixed a bug with Main NPC not properly disabling international channels.
🪲 Fixed a bug with Homunculus getting EXP at 1x. All homunculus will level up at 20x regardless of the character's rates.

🔨 Increased the cost of Flex Coins via Zeny by 10%
🔨 Increased the Flex Coin regeneration rate from 7 to 8 per minute. (original: 5)
🔨 Enabled teleport in amatsu dungeon level 1.
🔨 Added a 5 day limit on @autotrade to keep shops fresh and prices competitive.
🔨 Modified the Fiesta Friday theme from 50% EXP & 15 Share Level to 75% EXP and 50% party share exp boost per player.
🔨 Removed Fade in and Fade out effect when using teleporting.
🔨 Increased Zoom out range by 25%
🔨 Changed the default level 99 aura to one that's easier on the eyes 

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