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CHANGELOG AUG 21 - AUG  31, 2023

GM Flex

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CHANGELOG AUG 21 - AUG  31, 2023

☑️ Enabled the Pet Auto Feed system.
☑️ Added a section on the main website to display the theme of the day events.
☑️ Enabled the /Showshop command to show/hide shops on the screen.
☑️ Added a PvP Arena portal in the middle of Prontera. There are 5 PvP arenas that rotate every 4 hours, an npc inside for limited heals/buffs, and a global pvp announcer to challenge other players. (PvP Rewards are currently disabled for coming soon)
☑️ Added a new page to our main website to showcase our original repeatable quests. (https://flex-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=repeatables)
☑️ Added a new page to our main website to showcase the different level 99 auras available. (https://flex-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=Auras)
☑️ Added 5 new premium lvl 99 auras available via Flex Coins or Cash points. (Release delayed until Sept 2, 2023)
☑️ Enabled an "Aura" option under the settings of the Main Npc. It grants access to the Aura Menu, which allows you to select which one of the auras you have unlocked you'd like to wear by default. (Release delayed until Sept 2, 2023)

🪲 Fixed a bug with Gift Box not dropping Emperium.
🪲 Fixed a bug the theme of the day not reloading properly for certain days.
🪲 Fixed a bug with new characters not being counted on the in-game player ranking.
🪲 Updated the Skipper Cain NPC to set the rates to 20 for characters who skipped the leveling. This ensures they do not show up in the incorrect rankings or get the incorrect aura.
🪲 Fixed a bug that capped the drop rate of items to 90% when using bubblegum.
🪲 Fixed a bug with the Hode repeatable quest giving 1/10 the job experience intended.
🪲 Fixed a bug with PK being enabled in some event maps.

🔨 Disabled pet talking system as a server default. Those who want to see pet talk can download the file from our downloads page.
🔨 Increased the Dead Branch to Bloody Branch exchange rate from 100:1 db to 125:1.
🔨 Removed Thanatos, Ktullanux, Beezebub and Nidhogger's Shadow as Bloody Branch summon.

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