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2023 Sep 19 News

FlexRO Support Players Wanted! We are excited to announce that we are looking for dedicated and friendly support players to join our team! As our server continues to grow, we believe that having a group of active and helpful players can greatly enhance the experience for everyone. Role and Responsibilities: As a support player, your role will be crucial in maintaining a positive and vibrant community on FlexRO. Your responsibilities will include: Assisting Players: Help players with their inquiries and support requests by monitoring and responding to @requests in-game and on Discord. Community Watchdog: Be the vigilant eyes of the staff, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Correct misinformation, dispel rumors, and report any misuse of bugs and exploits. Friendly and Active Presence: Be an active and friendly presence on the server. Engage with players, create a welcoming atmosphere, and foster a sense of community. How to Apply: If you are interested in becoming a support player and contributing to the growth of FlexRO, please fill out this quick form: Thank you for being a part of our community.

2023 Sep 12 News

New Starter Pack Based on your feedback, we've put together a special starter pack to ensure you and our future players get off to a great start. Please take note: these rewards are limited to one per person/device. Web Page: Here's what you'll receive: 🔹 2x 30 Day Rental Accessory 🔹 1x 30 Day Rental Headgear 🔹 1x 30 Day Rental Weapon 🔹 100x Teleportation Scrolls 🔹 50x Blessing Scrolls 🔹 50x Increase Agility Scrolls 🔹 25x Kafra Card 🔹 10x Bubblegum 🔹 15x Field Manuals 🔹 50,000 Zeny Claim your rewards by speaking with the Starter Pack NPC located in Prontera. Make the most of these resources as you settle into our server and embark on your epic journey in FlexRO! We're thrilled to have you here. Enjoy your adventure and spread the word to your friends and on Ratemyserver!

2023 Sep 07 News

War of Emperium Inaguration Dear FlexRO Adventurers, We are thrilled to announce the grand inauguration of the War of Emperium (WoE) on our server! Prepare yourselves for epic battles, treasures beyond imagination, and legendary conquests! Here are the details you need to know: Saturday | Payon Schedule: Every Saturday, 20:00-21:00 server time First WoE: Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 20:00 - 21:00 server time Castle: Bamboo Grove Hill, Payon Treasure Box 1: Bubblegum (5%) Field Manual (10%) Old Card Album (10%) Giant Fly Wing (75%) Buckler [1] (8%) Chain Mail [1] (8%) Shoes [1] (8%) Muffler [1] (8%) Treasure Box 2: Box of 100x Flex Coins (100%) Union of Tribe (25%) Enriched Oridecon (7%) Enriched Elunium (4%) Gym Pass (3%) Letter of Recommendation (2.5%) Copper Dragon Helm (0.25%) Jewelry Box (1%) Breath of Spirit (0.8%) Sunday WoE Sunday | Prontera Schedule: Every Sunday, 6:00-7:00 server time First WoE: Sunday, September 17, 2023, at 6:00 - 7:00 server time Castle: Skoegul, Prontera Treasure Box 1: Bubblegum (5%) Field Manual (10%) Old Card Album (10%) Giant Fly Wing (75%) Buckler [1] (8%) Chain Mail [1] (8%) Shoes [1] (8%) Muffler [1] (8%) Treasure Box 2: Box of 100x Flex Coins (100%) Union of Tribe (25%) Enriched Oridecon (7%) Enriched Elunium (4%) Copper Dragon Helm (0.25%) Gym Pass (3%) Letter of Recommendation (2.5%) Jewelry Box (1%) Emblem of the Sun God (0.8%) Wednesday | Geffen Schedule: Every Wednesday, 15:00-16:00 server time First WoE: Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at 15:00 - 16:00 server time Castle: Repherion, Geffen Treasure Box 1: Bubblegum (5%) Field Manual (10%) Old Card Album (10%) Giant Fly Wing (75%) Buckler [1] (8%) Chain Mail [1] (8%) Shoes [1] (8%) Muffler [1] (8%) Treasure Box 2: Box of 100x Flex Coins (100%) Union of Tribe (25%) Enriched Oridecon (7%) Enriched Elunium (4%) Letter of Recommendation (2.5%) Copper Dragon Helm (0.25%) Gym Pass (3%) Jewelry Box (1%) Wrath of Valkyrie (0.8%) New Items for Treasures: Letter of Recommendation (2.5%): A requirement for the upcoming Mastery Storyline Quest. Enriched Elunium (4%): Tradeable version Enriched Oridecon (7%): Tradeable version Bubblegum (5%): Tradeable version Field Manual (10%): Tradeable version Box of 100x Flex Coins (100%): Tradeable version Jewelry Box (1%) Copper Dragon Helm (0.25%) (Headgear Progression Copper -> Silver -> Gold) Gym Pass (3%): Tradeable version Giant Fly Wing (75%): Tradeable version Prepare yourselves, gather your guildmates, and conquer the castles in the War of Emperium! May the most valiant guilds prevail and claim the treasures of FlexRO! Best of luck on your epic adventures! FlexRO Team

2023 Sep 06 News

Announcement Regarding FlexRO Dear FlexRO Community, We hope you are enjoying your time on FlexRO, and your adventures in the world of Rune Midgard have been exciting so far. We have some information to share with you today regarding our server and its connection to another server, BraveRO (est 2008). Firstly, we want to express our gratitude for joining us on this new adventure. FlexRO was created to offer a unique and fresh experience for players seeking a low-rate server. We've been working tirelessly to ensure that FlexRO thrives and provides a welcoming community for all of you. Recently, some players from BraveRO have noticed the connection between our two servers, as they share a couple of staff members. We want to clarify a few key points: Independence of Servers: FlexRO and BraveRO are distinct servers and will continue to operate independently. They have different concepts, rate settings, and communities. While a couple staff members are involved in both projects, they are managed separately to ensure that each server maintains its identity. No Cross-Promotion: We want to make it clear that advertising FlexRO in BraveRO forums or vice versa is strictly against the rules of both servers. Our intention is to provide unique and enjoyable experiences on each server without any crossover. Focus on Development: We have been investing a lot of time and effort into FlexRO's development to make it an enjoyable and sustainable environment for you. BraveRO has its own developers and staff tasked to ensure its continued success. Community Support: We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this situation. The development and management teams are committed to both servers and their communities. We kindly request that you respect the boundaries between the two servers and refrain from spreading rumors or misinformation. We are dedicated to creating a positive gaming experience for all of you and maintaining the integrity of both FlexRO and BraveRO. We didn't announce FlexRO earlier because we did not want to pull resources, staff, or players away from BraveRO. Our aim was to let FlexRO shine on its own before making an official announcement. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to many more adventures together on FlexRO. Stay tuned for exciting updates and events!

2023 Sep 05 News

Cluckers & New Event Schedule! We have some egg-citing news for you all! 🐣 🐔 Introducing the Cluckers Event! Get ready to tickle down some feathers in our brand-new Cluckers event! The cluckers will nuke anyone that tickles him, until a lucky player manages to tickle 350 Flex Coins out of it. 📆 Official Event Schedule posted on our Website Your wish is our command! We've created a new page on our website to showcase the server automated event schedule. To make it easier for you to join your favorite events, we’ve posted the new 24-hour schedule on our website. 🔗 Remember, this schedule also includes other beloved events like Pest Invasion, Poring Catcher, Survival, Treasure Box, and Dice Event. So mark your calendars and set your alarms! All event times are based on the server's timezone -8GMT (@time in-game) ⏰ We can't wait to see you in-game! 🌟 Happy Gaming, FlexRO Team

2023 Aug 15 Events

Bossy Tuesday: August 15 Enjoy 2x MvP & Boss drops for the next 24 hours. Combine with Bubblegum for 4x MvP & Boss Drops!

2023 Aug 10 Events

Weekend Bonus Event: August 11-13 🌟 Weekend Bonus Event: August 11-13 🌟 Greetings adventurers! Get ready for an epic weekend on FlexRO as we welcome the flood of new players! From August 11th to 13th, between 12 AM UTC to 11 PM UTC, we're cranking up the excitement: 🔥 50% Boost to Base and Job EXP: Level up faster and sharpen your skills in battle quicker! 🃏 50% Increase in Normal Monster Card Drop Rate: Gather those valuable monster cards now and prepare for end-game content! Join us this weekend for an incredible adventure. Don't miss out on the increased rewards - share the news with your friends, don't be greedy! Share the word on Ratemyserver, Facebook and Reddit! See you in the realm of FlexRO! ⚔️🛡️ @everyone

2023 Aug 09 Events

DISCORD HEADGEAR QUEST EVENT You've probably seen the new Headgear Dispenser NPC inside the Flex Market, which has a chance to drop one of these cool headgears: We'd like to invite you to create a quest for your favorite headgears! Not only will this let us know which headgears the communit would like to get first, but also involve the community in the process of quest generations! 🥳 ✨ How to Join Event: 1. Pick headgears from this list : 2. Post the item's name, item id, and possibly a picture (just copy and paste from our site) 3. Post quest ingredients/requirements to create the headgear. 4. Vote! Leave a Like or Emoji on the posts containing headgears and quests you like, so the GM team can implement those first! 🏆 Prizes: If your quest and ingredients are implemented you will receive a free version of the headgear you made the quest for. ⌛ Deadline: Please submit your quests by August 15, 2023! LINK TO DISCORD POST

2023 Aug 08 Events

DISCORD INVITE EVENT We're hosting a Discord Invite Event to help grow FlexRO. All you have to do is share our discord link with your friends to unlock rewards! JOIN OUR DISCORD: Step 1: Create an invite link (see the image below) Share invite link and get them to join Reach certain milestones to claim reward. Speak to a GM to claim prize after reaching milestone. Milestones: 3 Invites - 1x Bubblegum & 2x Field Manual 5 Invites - 2x Bubblegum & 3x Field Manual 8 Invites - 1x Headgear Dispenser Ticket 10 Invites - 1x Max Level Scroll Claim Reward: Send a message to GM Flex via Discord with your invite link and character's name. Await for GM to confirm referrals and award prize. How to create a Invite link:

2023 Aug 05 Events

BOOSTED DROP RATE EVENT 📢 Attention! 🎉 The FlexRO Boosted Drops Event has begun! 🃏 Normal Drop: 5x to 7x 🗡️ MvP Drop: 1x to 1.5x! 🌟 August 4-7, 11 PM UTC 🕛 Take advantage of this great opportunity to get equipped! 🛡️

2023 Sep 17 Patch Notes

CHANGELOG SEP 01 - SEP 17, 2023 CHANGELOG SEPT 01 - SEPT 17, 2023 NEW ☑️ Enabled War of Emperium & boosted original castle treasure's profitability. ( ☑️ Created a new Starter Pack of freebies for all our current and future players & a new webpage to showcase it. ( ☑️ Added a new NPC to the Flex Market to manage the different auras and sell premium auras for Cash Shop & Flex Coins. ☑️ Added a new automated event, the Clucker's Event. The cluckers will nuke anyone that tickles him, until a lucky player manages to tickle 350 Flex Coins out of it. ☑️ Modified the Thief Bug Event kill requirement to be dynamic. It should extend or shorten the event duration based on participation. ☑️ Added new automated event, Treasure Box Event, runs every hour and spawns 30 treasure boxes in a random city. 5 of them contain 50k Zeny! ☑️ Created a new page on our website to showcase our automated event and event times ( ☑️ Created Tradeable versions for Bubblegum, Field Manual, Gym Pass, Enriched Ori/Elu and Giant Fly wings. ☑️ Enabled the @refresh command. ☑️ Enabled the logging of kills for the PvP Ladder on the website. FIX 🪲 Fixed a sprite issue with Chewing Bubblegum. 🪲 Fixed a bug with the wedding npc giving out the wrong rings to the groom and bride of same gender marriages. 🪲 Fixed a bug with the Robot Eye quest that made it unabled to be completed. 🪲 Fixed a bug with Green Potion not curing Confusion. 🪲 Fix Incubus pet effect when loyal not giving proper bonuses. CHANGE 🔨 Changed party range limit from 10 to 15. 🔨 Extended the autotrade limit from 5 days to 10 days. (Requires reboot to take effect) 🔨 Disabled the idle time limit for party sharing. Leechers will no longer stop receving EXP after 20 seconds of inactivity. 🔨 Modified the official WoE guilds to enable teleporting outside of the castles for a fee of 1,900z. 🔨 Disabled PK mode outside of WoE castles (prt_gld, pay_gld and gef_fild13).

2023 Sep 01 Patch Notes

CHANGELOG AUG 21 - AUG  31, 2023 CHANGELOG AUG 21 - AUG 31, 2023 NEW ☑️ Enabled the Pet Auto Feed system. ☑️ Added a section on the main website to display the theme of the day events. ☑️ Enabled the /Showshop command to show/hide shops on the screen. ☑️ Added a PvP Arena portal in the middle of Prontera. There are 5 PvP arenas that rotate every 4 hours, an npc inside for limited heals/buffs, and a global pvp announcer to challenge other players. (PvP Rewards are currently disabled for coming soon) ☑️ Added a new page to our main website to showcase our original repeatable quests. ( ☑️ Added a new page to our main website to showcase the different level 99 auras available. ( ☑️ Added 5 new premium lvl 99 auras available via Flex Coins or Cash points. (Release delayed until Sept 2, 2023) ☑️ Enabled an "Aura" option under the settings of the Main Npc. It grants access to the Aura Menu, which allows you to select which one of the auras you have unlocked you'd like to wear by default. (Release delayed until Sept 2, 2023) FIX 🪲 Fixed a bug with Gift Box not dropping Emperium. 🪲 Fixed a bug the theme of the day not reloading properly for certain days. 🪲 Fixed a bug with new characters not being counted on the in-game player ranking. 🪲 Updated the Skipper Cain NPC to set the rates to 20 for characters who skipped the leveling. This ensures they do not show up in the incorrect rankings or get the incorrect aura. 🪲 Fixed a bug that capped the drop rate of items to 90% when using bubblegum. 🪲 Fixed a bug with the Hode repeatable quest giving 1/10 the job experience intended. 🪲 Fixed a bug with PK being enabled in some event maps. CHANGE 🔨 Disabled pet talking system as a server default. Those who want to see pet talk can download the file from our downloads page. 🔨 Increased the Dead Branch to Bloody Branch exchange rate from 100:1 db to 125:1. 🔨 Removed Thanatos, Ktullanux, Beezebub and Nidhogger's Shadow as Bloody Branch summon.

2023 Aug 20 Patch Notes

CHANGELOG AUG 16 - AUG 20, 2023 CHANGELOG AUG 16 - AUG 20, 2023 NEW ☑️ Implemented 12 new EXP Repeatable Quests unique to FlexRO. ( ☑️ Added channel #recruit for party and guild recruitment messages. It can be disabled via Main NPC. ☑️ Implemented a Day/Night mode schedule to change the scenery every few hours. ☑️ Added commands @ws and @whosell, @wb and @whobuy as shortcuts for @whosells and @whobuys ☑️ Added the command @rates to show the current drop/base rates, especially during daily themes. ☑️ Implemented Adventurers Agency Party Booking System. ☑️ Implemented @lpg (light plugin graphics) to reduce certain skill's effect and provide visual assistance for other. ☑️ Implemented 6 new headgear quests from the Suggest a Quest event into the Quest Board NPC. (Robo Eyes, Sunglasses[1]. Angel Spirit, Filir's Pinions, Satanic Bone Helm, Crown of Deceit) ☑️ Implemented capability for custom auras. They will be unlocked through several different ways. Stay tuned ☑️ Added command @show_auras to control whether you see auras ad on who. FIX 🪲 Fixed a bug with Star Gladiatior not being able to reach Job Level 50. 🪲 Fixed a bug with Main NPC not properly disabling international channels. 🪲 Fixed a bug with Homunculus getting EXP at 1x. All homunculus will level up at 20x regardless of the character's rates. CHANGE 🔨 Increased the cost of Flex Coins via Zeny by 10% 🔨 Increased the Flex Coin regeneration rate from 7 to 8 per minute. (original: 5) 🔨 Enabled teleport in amatsu dungeon level 1. 🔨 Added a 5 day limit on @autotrade to keep shops fresh and prices competitive. 🔨 Modified the Fiesta Friday theme from 50% EXP & 15 Share Level to 75% EXP and 50% party share exp boost per player. 🔨 Removed Fade in and Fade out effect when using teleporting. 🔨 Increased Zoom out range by 25% 🔨 Changed the default level 99 aura to one that's easier on the eyes

2023 Aug 15 Patch Notes

CHANGELOG AUG 10 - AUG 15, 2023 CHANGELOG AUG 10 - AUG 15, 2023 NEW ☑️ Implemented a Theme of the Day system which features different bonus based on day of the week. (Check announcement for details) ☑️ Added a new forger NPC inside the Prontera Refine shop that will charge a zeny fee and materials in return for forging elemental weapons. (The success rate is slightly lower than an actual Blacksmith) ☑️ Added commands @alootype and @alootid to filter the items you loot automatically. ☑️ Added command @hatch to allow players to put away and hatch their pets without limitations. ☑️ Added Event NPC to allow GMs to give away Flex Coins as event rewards in a controlled manner. ☑️ Added a new map with dual client disabled to allow GMs to host certain events. ☑️ Added heal & buff option to the Dead Branch Assistant NPC. ☑️ Added a Dead Branch Assistant NPC to the public Dead Branch room. ☑️ Added a Zeny ranking to the Player Ranks NPC in Prontera to show the top 50 richest players. FIX 🪲 Fixed a bug with Gentlemens Pipe missing a sprite. 🪲 Fixed a bug with Donut in Mouth not giving the right effect. 🪲 Fixed a bug with Peco Peco Ears causing errors. 🪲 Fixed a bug with the Card Remover NPC still failing and charging fee. 🪲 Fixed a bug with the description of Enriched Oridecon/Elunium incorrectly stating that they protect against breaking. 🪲 Fixed a bug with the description of chewing bubblegum costume. CHANGE 🔨 The Healer and Buffer NPC now gives free buffs/heals in Prontera 🔨 Adjusted the Scavenger Hunt NPC to allow the reward to go up every 5 minutes the hunt is available. 🔨 Added Zeny as an additional reward to Scavenger Hunt. 🔨 The Flex Coin regeneration rate on the Flex Coin Exchanger NPC has been increased from 5 per minute to 7 per minute. (Increases supply by 40%~) 🔨 Increased the reward per round on the Disguise Event from 10k to 50k Zeny and 15 Flex Coins per roun (20 rounds). 🔨 Added a check to the Disguise Event to prevent back to back winners. Previous round winner cannot win next round. 🔨 Reduced the cost of Bubblegum on the Cash Shop from 125 to 75 Cash Points. The Box of 10 from 1000 to 600. 🔨 Reduced the cost of Field Manual on the Cash Shop from 100 to 50 Cash Points. The Box of 10 from 850 to 450. 🔨 Reduced the cost of Gym Pass on Cash Shop from 200 to 100 points. The box of 10 from 1500 to 850

2023 Aug 09 Patch Notes

CHANGELOG AUG 02 - AUG 09, 2023 CHANGELOG AUG 2 - AUG 09, 2023 NEW ☑️ Added MvP kill log to keep track of which MvPs are killed, by who, class, and other measures. (Available on the website Character Ranking --> MvP) ☑️ Added an MvP Ranking feature to the Player Ranking NPC in prontera with options to show top MvP killer for various time frames. ☑️ Added a new Daily Quest system that provides unique quest to players and rewards them with EXP and Flex Coins. (Prontera 135 215) ☑️ Added 7 Daily Quest Challegnge and reward system. ☑️ Added a 30 minute automated broadcast with useful tips, and community building broadcasts. ☑️ Implemented a new automated event, the Pest Invasion, rewards players for killing pests in a random city. The player that kills the pest leader wins 300 Flex Coins. ☑️ Implemented Scavenger Hunt NPC - Similar to daily quest, it rewards players for turning in the items before other people do. (Prontera 130 195) ☑️ Implemented a Party Manager NPC and Party Search feature to the FlexRO Manual to allow players to find active parties and look for party members. ☑️ Added a new page on the website to showcase the headgears available in the Dispenser NPC with link to each item to see description and effect.( ☑️ Implemented a new luck based Headgear Dispenser NPC with over a hundred official headgears available. ☑️ Added Headgear Dispenser Ticket to the Cash Shop for 300 points. FIX 🪲 Fixed a bug with the Card Remover NPC which resulted in card loss when attempt failed. 🪲 Fixed a bug with mischevous fairy ears having a missing sprite. 🪲 Fixed a bug with Clover in Mouth not giving the proper Luk bonus. 🪲 Fixed a typo on the Book of Apocalyse description. CHANGE 🔨 Increased the amount of Flex Coins earned per vote from 5x to 25x. There are 6 vote sites with 24 hour cool down (6*25 = 150 free Coins per day) ( 🔨 Increased EXP per party share member from 15 to 30% 🔨 Increased additional EXP per attacker from 25 to 40% 🔨 Made a few previously character bound headgears account bound (Spare Card, Angry Mouth, 4 Leaf Clover in Mouth)

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8 [GM] Flex 4 2
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