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There's a dire need of changes to solo play for this game, pre-renewal is designed for party based game play but i feel that's unfair to those of us who thrive off being comfortable on our own who do  better alone to grind and farm at a specific pace when no ones around. it's difficult to level at Any rate i feel it just pushes people away when parties aren't available so i came up with this idea.


EXP Equipment 


Gaining more exp depending from the entire equipment together and depending on their refine rate 


each refine = 1% each exp point 


Explosion card nets 10% from dragon monsters but with the full set you can get more Exp


 4 items total in the set and all are refined to +4. that in total is 16, so that's 16% but if combined with the card itself it would be 160% exp gain! but there's a catch!

every point of exp % you get also means you'll take more damage as a con to the equipment which would balance out this mechanic.


it should be only be used for solo play

NO MVP'S NO mini boss, no Party sharing only specifically for the player wearing it so no leeching either.


other additional bonuses could be applied from extra equipment such as the dragon killer dagger sword and lance making builds to be created which could be fun for various classes.



This would not only make EXP cards no longer worthless but also items in the game NO one uses would catch popularity and grant more motivation to hunt them and give people an effort to gain them so they can level their favorite classes quickly with them.


it could be added to Flex market, coin shop, quest to hunt for it that's within reason to give players who love to work hard a chance to attain such a powerful gift.



This also could be something as a real server interest as it could attract newer players to want them more as it would help those who don't play RO that long to work for it so that it becomes a means to become stronger faster and give them something to be interested in maybe future wise to more custom equipment.



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