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    • After playing here for a while I organized this list of suggestions that I think may improve what already is an amazing server. Let’s start!   [1. Economy] 1.1. Add Rental Quadrille Box to [Flex] Rental Weapons 1.2. Add Good Morning Star to [Flex] Permanent Weapons Reasoning: afaik these are the only weapons missing from the NPCs. There's no apparent reason for that, thus the suggestion. 1.3. Add infinite butterfly wings to [Flex] Consumables / Cash shop 1.4. Add infinite aspd potions (concentration, awakening and berserker) to [Flex] Consumables / Cash shop Reasoning: more zeny sinks. I think it's important to discuss and draw a line on what items can receive the [infinite] mark without causing imbalances, but I also think this is still fair territory considering they are not spammable, don't take much bag weight, are sold by npcs and ultimately would only offer a little more convenience. [2. Gear that were obtainable from Cash Shop in official servers] 2.1. Add more PvE gear that were originally obtainable through Cash Shop to the Quest Vendor NPC Reasoning: some key PvE Gear were recently added to the [PVP] Headgears vendor, such as Satanic Chain, Purple Cowboy Hat, Hunting Cap, Anubis Hat, to name a few. Even though I don’t see a problem with this, it’s very unfortunate that they’re currently unobtainable in any other way. Furthermore, many RO players don’t play PvP at all and forcing them to compete in the content they don’t enjoy so they may maybe have a chance to snatch the PvE gear they want doesn't seem to be the best way looking forward. Adding them through the quest shop should be more than enough to balance it for everyone. Win-win. :D 2.2. No more FOMO to gears that offer power / are essential to specific builds Reasoning: This is a very important topic, long term thinking. Before we start, to illustrate: if we tell a new player in february 2024 that our rideword hat / majestic evil horns, dark knight mask, tiger arhat mask, dark randgris helm / raven cap, to name a few, were obtained in a halloween event that happened in 2023 and there’s no other way new players can get one, how well would this be taken? More than never this may result in severe frustration and quitting of potential new players. These are very strong headgears and are considered essential to complete a few builds. FOMO is totally fine when attached to cosmetic gear; there’s prestige to it. The Grim Reaper costume looks sick and it’s fine if no one can get it anymore. It’s really bad and increases the gap between new players and veterans when attached to gear that offers power, though. Just to be clear here: like many of you I also did farm maaany hours in the halloween event; I got all the helmets I thought were essential for the classes I play; even then I still don’t think this is good for the server longevity and I strongly believe that we’ll have a healthier community long term if these headgears are also obtainable through quest shop or other means, and not locked behind uncertain seasonal events or something else. [3. Mobility - Warper] 3.1. Add thanatos tower to dungeon warps 3.2. Add nydhogg dungeon to dungeon warps Reasoning: afaik, these are the only dungeons missing from the warper. There's no apparent reason for that, thus the suggestion. 3.3. Add geffen, payon, prontera and aldebaran castle dungeons to guild dungeon warps Reasoning: this may be a little more controversial, therefore a specific reasoning. What happens in most servers: one or two guilds monopolize WoE. They farm guild dungeons a little in the beginning of the server and never again (it's never as profitable as farming pure zeny or hunting end game mvps anyway). Therefore a few exclusive items are never sold and players that are not part of these guilds or have no interest in WoE can't access them. Example of such items: Icarus Wings, Bowman Scarf, Book [3], to name a few. They’re not OP items, simply rare because more often than not guilds don’t farm castle dungeons and they become a ghost town. 3.4. Add yuno castle dungeon to guild dungeon warp Reasoning: this is less controversial imo considering we don't have WoE happening there. Specific loot such as Elemental Sword [3], Dagger of Hunter [3], Life Link [1] and Improved Thights only drops from monsters available in these dungeons and are currently mostly unavailable in the server, thus limiting the full potential of a few builds. If adding the map is not an option, I alternatively suggest introducing key loot in the quest shop or somewhere else so they can be obtainable somehow. 3.5. Add an NPC in kiel_dun01 that grants access to kiel_dun02 Reasoning: this also applies to other dungeons that currently have the first floor accessible through warper but require heavy questing to access further levels. I think adding an npc deep inside the first floor that offers the option to teleport to the next floor is a good compromise to the extremes, which would be: do an entire heavy quest chain only to access the last floors (this is where we are atm) or have them accessible through warper in town (which would be less balanced, specially considering some of these floors may have MvPs, such as Kiel). [4. Skills Improvement / Class Balances] 4.1. Remove gutterlines limitations from Bowling Bash Reasoning: most servers apply this nowadays, even some strict 1x/1x/1x super vanilla hardcore ones. Gutterlines affecting this skill was probably a RO limitation / bad coding instead of a feature or mechanic, considering it’s not listed anywhere and inconsistently affects the overall functioning of the skill based on invisible lines you are at. kRO fixed it for the best a few years ago. Would not affect class balance in most situations.  Further improvements may include revisiting the splash range and decreasing the knockback effect, however this may start affecting balance and therefore, even though I personally believe it’s the right way, should be carefully considered. 4.2. Allow Backstab to be casted front facing the enemy Reasoning: this suggestion affects balance and therefore may be more controversial / should be carefully analyzed. Requiring to be positioned behind the enemy makes it almost never a decent option to use backstab. Mostly rogues don’t use it at all, ever. Even without the requirement the skill does not become OP or meta, so all in all I see it as a fair improvement to fellow rogues. 4.3. Remove the same cell limitation of Grand Cross Reasoning: this suggestion affects balance and therefore may be more controversial / should be carefully analyzed. Currently when mobs are gathered in the same cell, they only get hit once instead of three times. This makes Grand Cross really weak in comparison to other melee AoE alternatives, specially considering its high hp cost and forced holy element. Removing this restriction makes the skill more viable. [5. Bug Fixes] 5.1. Ifrit Mask [1] can't have a card attached. 5.2. Tiger Arhat Mask was recently fixed, however players that didn’t unequip still have it occupying only middle and lower slots instead of upper + middle + lower. In other words, they can, as long as they don’t unequip it, have an OP and unintentional combo of Upper headgear (-10% demi human damage usually) + Tiger Mask (another -10% DH damage) forever. This is borderline bug abuse and therefore would be better if manually fixed now (force removing it from every player that still has it on). 5.3. Mavka loot: I’m not sure if intentional or not, but Mavka’s crystal mirror and witherless rose don’t increase in drops on weekends and wednesdays boosts. Bubble Gum still works. If unintentional, then it stays in this list hehe. If intentional, maybe it should be listed under server information -> economy, changelogs, or somewhere else? I’m not sure, but pointing it here for further discussion. [6. Website] 6.1. Under Server Information -> Economy it still says that AutoTrade: Is limited to 5 days to encourage competitive prices and fresh items. Afaik it’s 10 days now, right? I know it’s a minor point, listing it here though for backloging. That’s it for now. Thank you FleX and staff for providing such an amazing server for us to play. See yall in game!   [7. Latter Edits / further clarification] Both rental weapons disclosed are already available in-game through the cash shop; I've suggested adding them to the [Flex] Coin NPCs mostly to keep the parity we have with all other rental / permanent weapons that are available both in-game and through donation; Good point, FlexRO manual is handy, but not convenient; gotta go through the submenus to get back to town. Infinite butterfly wing would be another (waaay more expensive / a little more convenient) option without breaking balance; Regarding the guild dungeons, you have a strong point; I still advocate for yuno castle though since if I'm not mistaken we don't have nor plan to have WoE there anytime soon, thus the loot is inaccessible for everyone, restricting a few builds for an uncertain amount of time (for example: elemental sword enables many autocast offmeta builds and it's a decent option mid-game for creators; however it is realistically unavailable in the server; the same applies to all the other loot from that dungeon); Regarding Grand Cross, I've seen other experiences where they removed this penalty from having more than one mob in the same cell; therefore it always hit 3 times and becomes more viable, however not OP considering the HP cost + fixed element + the fact the skill is not thaaat high damage even when maxing hits; I'm usually all in to improve off meta specs as long as it doesn't break the overall balance too much, and this seems to be the case, like Back Stab and a few other skills from other classes;
    • Hey FlexRO Adventurers, We're excited to announce our Cyber Monday and Black Friday event, and trust us, you won't want to miss it.. But don't worry, you've got until December 3rd to take advantage of the event. Here's a quick rundown of what's in store for you: Cyber Monday & Black Friday Event Details: 30% More Cash Points: For every donation you make during this event, you'll receive a whopping 30% extra cash points! It's the perfect opportunity to support the server and boost your in-game resources. Cyber Black Box Rewards: For every 10$ donated to FlexRO, you will receive a Cyber Black Box in addition to the already discounted cash points! Retroactive: Any donation made in the last 7 days will be able to claim Cyber Black Boxes based on the amount donated. Please reach out via Discord or Helpdesk to claim the Cyber Black Boxes. Discord Coupon: Get a free Cyber Black Box as a token of gratitude from FlexRO to you! Use code: Thanksgiving2023 at the gift NPC in Prontera to get your freebie! Lower Flex Coin Cost: During the event, we're reducing the price of Flex Coins obtained from Flex Coin Dealer by a whooping 30%. Make sure to stock up on the Flex Coins, as new NPCs and Shops are going to be introduced into the Flex Market soon! Daily Quest Bonuses: Completing your daily quests now comes with an exciting twist. There's a 20% chance that you'll earn a Cyber Black Box as a bonus reward. Don't miss out on this daily opportunity! Scavenger Hunt Fun: Participate in our Scavenger Hunt and enjoy a 10% chance to earn a Cyber Black Box. Get ready for some adventurous treasure hunting! PvP Excitement: Engage in player versus player combat and stand a chance to earn Cyber Black Boxes. PvP kills have a 1% chance to reward you with a Cyber Black Box, and during Happy Hours, that chance increases to 2%! What's Inside the Cyber Black Box? The Cyber Black Box contains a treasure trove of surprises, including: Old Card Album (15%) Headgear Dispenser Voucher (15%) 3x Bubblegum (10%) 2x Gym Pass (10%) Halloween Headgear Bag (8%) 2,000 Flex Coins (7%) Jewelry Box (7%) 1x Max Level Scroll (5%) 10x Bubblegum (4%) 10x Field Manual (4%) 5x Enriched Oridecon (4%) 5x Enriched Elunium (3%) 5,000,000 Zeny (3%) 4,000 Flex Coins (3%) 2,000 Cash Points (2%) 10,000,000 Zeny (1%) 10,000 Flex Coins (1%) Get ready to dive into the excitement of Cyber Monday and Black Friday on FlexRO. This event is one you don't want to miss. Have questions or want to share your excitement? Drop a comment below and let's discuss the upcoming event! The event will run from November 23 until December 3, 2023
    • Hello, FlexRO Community! We're thrilled to announce a major update to our PvP system, designed to bring fast-paced and accessible action to our current and future players. With this update, we hope to attract a large crowd of casual players who are hungry for RO PvP but lack the time to farm competitive equipment. Get ready to experience the thrill of battle like never before! 🏟️ New PvP Arenas - Variety and Challenge! Battle Arena: Craving competition? The Battle Arena is where you prove your worth. Strict rules ensure fair play: no kill farming, no dual client, and every kill earns you tradeable PvP coins. Kills also count towards weekly and monthly rankings, with handsome rewards for the top three warriors. (more on this below) Rotating Arenas: We have introduced 5 Classic PvP arenas that rotate every six hours. Each arena offers a distinct battleground to test your skills and switch up the meta. Some arenas will benefit certain classes, which makes for a more dynamic experience. Happy Hour Bonanza: Jump into action during our Happy Hour, starting every six hours. For one hour, earn 2x PvP coins to boost your arsenal. Schedule: Happy Hour Starts at 04:00, 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00 server time (@time) Free for All Arena: For a more relaxed experience, head to our Free for All Arena. Test your skills, experiment with strategies, and have fun without the pressure of rankings or rules. Kills in this arena do not count towards your PvP coin tally or rankings, and dual clients are allowed.              🪙 PvP Coins and Exclusive Shops PvP Coins: Rack up PvP coins with every kill. These coins are your ticket to exclusive PvP shops, stocked with headgears, weapons, equipment, and consumables. The items and prices in the shop are extremely likely to change in the future, with more items being added, and prices increased or lowered based on server needs. PvP Market: The PvP shops can be found in the north west building in the center of Prontera, where the tool dealer used to be. Item Suggestions: Use this form to suggest new items to add to the PvP Market! https://forms.gle/gxXVsiTeb6mtEGp36 Coins are tradeable More shops & items to come~ 🛡️ Battle Rental Sets - PvP Made Easy New to PvP? No worries! We've got you covered with our Battle Rental Set, tailored to help you jump right into the action without any delay. Battle Set: The set comes with a Battle Beret, Glorious Suit, Glorious Muffler, Glorious Shoes, Glorious Ring and your choice of Glorious Weapon and Medal of Honor. The set can be claimed once per account, it is not limited to 1 per device. It lasts for 30 days, but permanent versions can be purchased at the PvP Market. 🚫 PK Mode Removal We have disabled PK mode to focus all the PvP activity in our PvP Arenas and upcoming Battlegrounds. 📉 Lowered PvP Entry Requirements Now, players level 95 and above can join the PvP fun. We're making PvP more accessible to ensure everyone gets a chance to showcase their skills. There is no level requirement for the Free for All Arena. 📉 Weekly Rewards & Ranking Every Monday, starting the Nov 27th, the top performing players will win the following prizes. Best Overall: (Formula Kills-Deaths = Points)  Reward: 2,500 Cash Points & 7 Million Zeny Most Kills: Reward for most kills, regardless of deaths. Reward: 2000 Cash Points & 5 Million Zeny The kill log showing each killer and victim and time stamp will be publicly available for informational and anti abuse purposes. Ranking will be available in a daily, weekly, monthly and all time on our website and in-game. This update is all about bringing the community together, offering both competitive and casual PvP experiences. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or just starting, there's something for everyone in our new PvP arenas. Join the battle, earn your glory, and let the world know your name!  
    • The winds howl, the ground quakes, and the night sky darkens—Niflheim is under siege, and we need YOU to face this terrifying ordeal. Get ready for the most spine-chilling, goosebumps-inducing event of the year: The Haunting of Niflheim! 👻 Invasion of the Halloween Monsters The realm of the dead has some new residents! Monstrous visitors such as the feared Grim Reaper and his minions have come to the Nifheim town. They've brought an assortment of cursed items, and we've heard whispers that these artifacts hold the secret to unspeakable powers and riches. Be warned; these aren't your average pests.. they take almost no damage from regular attacks or skills. To aid in your battle against evil, you'll be given a Halloween Exorciser Dagger & Event Pumpkin Hat. ** Visit the Gift NPC in the middle of Prontera and use Coupon Code "Exorciser" on the to receive your dagger, and coupon "PumpkinHat" to receive your headgear.  **                                          🗡️ Level Up at the Halloween Event! 🗡️ The Halloween Monsters are friendly enough so that a novice can kill it, but will reward good amount of experience to everyone who kills them. The amount of base and job experienced gained from killing the Halloween Monsters will depend on the killer's current level. You can literally go from Lvl 1 to Lvl 99 just by farming Halloween Monsters during the Halloween Event! So come on over, party with other players and level up as you gain large amounts of EXP, Flex Coins, Consumables & Halloween Headgears! 🍬 Collect Cursed Artifacts! 🍬 It is rumored that the mysterious Halloween monsters roaming the mist-filled landscapes are dropping not just usual items but cursed artifacts of unknown origins. Take heed, for these aren't your regular miscellanea. They hold terrible powers, and yet... Grim Reaper The Reaper is a mini-boss, and while not dangerous to strong humans, it is very hard to catch and kill. The Grim Reaper will teleport within seconds of being spotted, but riches await those who manage to defeat him. The Grim Reaper will regain enough strength to return after 15 minutes of being killed. Leaf Of Yggdrasil, 50% Old Violet Box, 50%  Str Dish10, 25%  Int Dish10, 25%  Dex Dish10, 25% Event Iron Maiden, 10% Event Spirit of Halloween, 10% Event Paranormal Sphere, 10% Old Card Album, 0.50% Ghost Poring Yellow Herb, 50% Panacea, 10% Event Pumpkin, 45% Event Halloween Chocolate, 30% Event Curse Antidote, 5% Event Book of Evil, 0.25% Event Iron Maiden, 0.05% Deviring Meat, 50% Blue Herb, 10% Event Devil Horns, 45% Event Wooden Stick, 30% Event Bloody Crystal Ball, 5% Event Cursed Doll, 0.25% Event Spirit of Halloween, 0.05% Pumpkin Poring Green Herb, 50% White Herb, 10% Event Magic Star Crumb, 45% Event Halloween Chocolate, 30% Event Spooky Syringe, 5% Event Rabbit Foot, 0.25% Event Paranormal Sphere, 0.05% Scatleton Candy, 50% Royal Jelly, 10% Event Rotten Meat, 45% Event Wooden Stick, 30% Event Wicked Powder, 5% Event Human Eye, 0.25% Event Iron Maiden, 0.05% Undead Goblin Pumpkin, 50% Seed Of Yggdrasil, 10% Event Fresh Blood, 45% Event Halloween Chocolate, 30% Event Bloody Knife, 5% Event Voodoo Doll, 0.25% Event Spirit of Halloween, 0.05% Hellring Wing Of Fly, 50% Leaf Of Yggdrasil, 10% Event Frog Legs, 45% Event Wooden Stick, 30% Event Vampire Fang, 5% Event Ghoul Ears, 0.25% Event Paranormal Sphere, 0.05% Old Card Album, 0.05% Get ready for a hauntingly good time, FlexRO warriors! May your bags be full, your blades sharp, and your spirits high! Head over to Niflheim, if you dare, and partake in this otherworldly event. 🎩 Trade with Underworld Merchants! 🎩 The Halloween Collector has arrived to the city of Niflheim. A collection of 24 official headgear sprites, many of them with improved effects and slots added for balance purposes. Make sure to take advantage of these limited edition items, as obtaining them after the event will be much harder. All of these headgears are tradeable when obtained through the Halloween Collector Quests. Halloween Headgear Quests Requirements  Chinese Crown [0] Item ID# 5152  Dark Randgris Helm [1] Item ID# 5373  Evil Snake Lord Hat [1] Item ID# 5364  Fantastic Pumpkin-Head [1] Item ID# 5202  Grand Peco Hairband [1] Item ID# 5476  Dolor Hat [1] Item ID# 5563  Cap Of Blindness [1] Item ID# 5304  Deviling Hat [1] Item ID# 5254  Drooping Morocc Minion [1]Item ID# 5671  Hockey Mask [0]Item ID# 5314   Loki Mask [0]Item ID# 5332    Majestic Evil Horns [0] Item ID# 5584  Necromancer's Hood [0] Item ID# 5502  Raven Cap [1] Item ID# 5530   Skull Hood [1] Item ID# 5667  Whisper Mask [1] Item ID# 5294  Dark Knight Mask [1] Item ID# 5482  Hyuke's Black Cat Ears [0]Item ID# 5360  Kabuki Mask [1]Item ID# 5143  Magic Eyes [0]Item ID# 5138  Mask Of Ifrit [1] Item ID# 5420  Rideword Hat [1]Item ID# 5208  RWC Anniversary Bread Envelope [0] Item ID# 5428  Tiger Arhat Mask [0] Item ID# 5566   We hope you've been taking advantage of our Halloween Festivities, but if you haven't.. don't worry.. there's still plenty of time to enjoy the challenges and rewards! New Halloween Monsters Drops As if the Halloween Monsters weren't already worthy of your time, they have received 2 additional event items as drop rates. These 2 new items are required to enjoy some of the features in Phase 3 and Phase 4 of the event. The Carnival Ticket has a base drop of 0.50% from regular Halloween Monsters, while the Raffle Ticket has a 0.05% drop rate. The Event Raffle Ticket will be extremely valuable during the Halloween Finale, and the items that can be won from the Raffle will be announced on Phase 4.                                                     Halloween Monster Pet Quests Wish you had one of those spooky Halloween monsters as a tamed cute pet? Well now it's your chance! The Halloween Tamer NPC has arrived at Niflheim and will give out the quests you will need to complete in order to obtain the egg.  The quest for these eggs are relatively easy, as we want to enable our players to collect them all. These eggs are account bound, so if you want one you will have to quest for it or purchase via Cash Points. Pet Effects when loyal: Hellring: Matk +3%, Cast Rate -3% Undead Goblin: Reduce demi-human damage by 1%, MDEF +3. Scatleton: Flee + 10 Ghost Poring: Reduce 3% of Neutral damage, MaxHP - 1% Pumpkin Poring: Matk & Atk + 2% Deviring: MaxHP + 125, PD + 2 Grim Reaper: MaxHP + 3%, Additional damage to demi-humans + 3 Halloween Hunting Race The Halloween Hunter has heard the rumors about strong warriors fighting in Niflheim and he is impressed. He is looking for the top 3 killers of the Halloween season and will reward them with big prizes for their efforts! The Big Race Starting on Phase 3, every Halloween monster kill will award you with 1 point towards the Big Halloween Race. Killing a Grim Reaper will award a whooping 150 points. The race will run from October 20 until November 12. The top 3 players will receive: 1st place: 1x Costume Headgear of Choice & 10,000 Cash points (100$ worth) 2nd place: 1x Costume Headgear of Choice & 7,500 Cash points (75$ worth) 3rd place: 1x Costume Headgear of Choice & 5,000 Cash points (50$ worth) Hourly Event Race In addition to the Big Race, the Halloween Hunter will run a 1 hour long race every 3 hours. The scoring of points will be the same as the Big Race, 1 point for regular monsters and 150 for the Grim Reaper. At the end of the hour, the top 3 winners will be rewarded (they must be online to receive the prize). 1st place: 1x Raffle Ticket, 1x Carnival Ticket and 350 Flex Coins 2nd place: 1x Carnival Ticket and 200 Flex Coins 3rd place: 1x Carnival Ticket and 150 Flex Coins Hunting Race Starts at the following times: 00:30, 03:30, 06:30, 09:30, 12:30, 15:30, 18:30, 21:30 Halloween Headgear Bag There's a lot of headgears to choose from in phase 2, and we are expecting to have new Halloween Costumes during Phase 4 of the event. With the addition of the Halloween Headgear Bag, you can now have a chance to obtain one of the Halloween Headgears without having to quest for them! Similar to the Headgear Dispenser in the FlexRO Market, the Halloween Headgear Bag will award 1 out of the 24 current Halloween Headgears available as quests. During Phase 4, the bag will include new items as well. The bag has a magic that prevents it from giving you a duplicate headgear, as long as you have it in your inventory at the time of opening the bag. Another similarity is that the headgears obtained through this method are account bound.  How to obtain the Halloween Headgear Bag? Exchange 25 Carnival Tickets to the Headgear Gambler in Niflheim Exchange 5,000 Flex Coins to the Miscellaneous Seller in the Flex Market Purchase using 500 Cash Points through the Cash Shop. Halloween Gambler A wise fella has heard the rumors about the hunters at Niflheim and has decided to bring his trickery to town. You will find him in Niflheim exchanging Carnival Tickets for a chance to win up to 3,000 Flex Coins. The game is simple. Give him one Carnival Ticket, and he has a high chance of offering you a small amount of Flex Coins. You can choose to risk that amount and attempt to go for a higher amount. There is a maximum of 10 rounds, with the rewards ranging from 15 to 3,000 Flex Coins.  Flex Coins not enough to encourage you? How about fame and glory? The Gambler has a ranking system which will showcase whats the highest amount of tokens each player has won from the NPC. How's that for a bit of competition and bragging rights as the luckiest and riskiest player! Dead Man Mystery While you hunt in Niflheim you may come across a dead man. In exchange for a Carnival Ticket, you have a chance to guess how the man died. Are you able to solve the mystery? Or Get a lucky guess? You will be rewarded with a Raffle Ticket. These Raffle Tickets will provide a small chance to win the rarest of headgears in this Halloween Event. The rewards will be announced during Phase 4. The answers are shuffled every single time a player speaks to the NPC. There is also a cool down before a player can guess again.  Disguiser NPC Tired of your human form? You can use your Carnival Ticket to be disguised into a monster of your choice, of one of our pre-selected list of monsters. The disguise will last until you relog or use the npc to undisguise yourself. Disguising as a monster may disrupt your farming experience, so it's best to do it when you're not planning on farming. The NPC can be found in Niflheim, along with the rest of the Halloween NPCs.   Cash Shop We understand now everyone has enough time to farm and enjoy the Halloween Event. The Cash shop offers the opportunity to purchase account bound items such as the Carnival Ticket, Halloween Pet Eggs and the Halloween Headgear Bag.  Donating is easy and helps us pay for new features, server fees and advertising efforts. For information on how to donate visit this page: https://flex-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=donate   The Halloween Collector has updated the collection to include dozens of Halloween costume headgears, and now accepts a Halloween Points as payment! 24 New Halloween Costumes Make sure to check out the list of costume headgears that are bound to make your character stand out from the rest. These limited edition costume sprites will only be easily obtainable during the Halloween Season, so make sure to get them while you can!  * Note: The last 6 costumes on the list above are not accessible via Halloween Points. They are limited as a Raffle Prize or Cash Shop. They are on the list to enable the preview of the shop for those headgears. * Note 2: The Halloween Bag has been updated to include all 24 headgears shown on the list above. Including the Raffle an Premium Cash Points Costumes.  Halloween Genie The Halloween Genie has arrived to make your wishes come true! The genie will convert your Halloween Loot into Halloween Points. These points are account based, and can be used to purchase Halloween Costumes from the Halloween Collector, or you can purchase the Halloween Loot you are missing to complete a Headgear Quest. The points awarded per loot will depend on the loot's rarity, but it ranges between 3 to 2,500 points per loot. Make sure to read the Genie's dialog carefully to prevent accidentally selling loot you were not planning on selling! Raffle NPC The time has come to see if those Raffle Tickets from Phase 3 are lucky or not.. and if not, you still have plenty of time to farm more. These raffle tickets offer the opportunity to obtain 3 very rare Halloween Costumes. These are are only available via the Raffle, Headgear Bag or Cash Shop. Jack O Lantern Head (Upper Costume) Lunar Cape (Middle Costume) Zombie Hands (Lower Costume) It's simple.. insert your raffle ticket into the machine, select your desired prize, and hope that you get a lucky draw and win the price. Not only will you get a super awesome headgear but your name will be broadcasted globally for the server to celebrate! Extra Exorciser Gift Codes Is your Exorciser Dagger timer running out? Or do you want the dagger on a different account? Use the codes following codes to get up to 2 additional exorcisers! 2ndExorciser 3rdExorciser Cash Shop All of these new costume headgears have also been added to the Cash Shop. You will find them on the limited tab, and you can preview them through the Halloween Collector NPC in Niflheim. Happy Haunting, The FlexRO Team ** Help us spread the word about the event by writing a quick review on ratemyserver! ** https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=22311&url_sname=FlexRO Pre-Renewal LR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions: How long will the event last? The Halloween Event will run between October 11 and November 12, 2023. How many phases will the event have? We are expecting to release all the Halloween content in 4 phases. What will I I get by farming Halloween Monsters? Flex Coins, Usables, flex coins and Halloween misc items that will be used for headgear and equipment quests during future phases. Will there be other content aside from Halloween monsters and quests? Yes, there will be Halloween Races, Events, Mini-Games, and interactive NPCs. What's the best class to farm Halloween? We've designed the event to be accessible to any class and any level, thanks to our Halloween Exorciser Dagger..any class will be able to farm efficiently. We recommend high STR for loot carrying purposes, and saving in Niflheim to save on Warp fees.      
    • 🌟 Hello FlexRO Adventurers! 🌟 We hope you're enjoying your journey in the world of FlexRO! As we continuously strive to make your experience more engaging and fulfilling, your input is invaluable to us. We've put together a short survey to collect your thoughts on various facets of the game. Whether you're a PvP enthusiast, a questing adventurer, or a social butterfly, we want to hear what you enjoy and what you think could be improved. SURVEY: https://forms.gle/ygEw6euwT3dBic8U8 To thank you for your time and insights, we're excited to announce that all survey participants will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 2,500 Cash Points (worth $25 USD)! We will select 5 lucky players at random to receive this fantastic reward. Your responses will remain anonymous and be used solely for the betterment of FlexRO. Take a few minutes to share your opinions and help us shape the future of FlexRO! Thank you for your continued support and participation. Let's get started!
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