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Introducing the Costume Fairy NPC!

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Hello FlexRO adventurers!

We're super excited to announce a brand new NPC feature that'll add a stylish flair to your journey—the Costume Fairy! 🧚‍♀️

What Does the Costume Fairy Do?
🎭 Convert Headgears into Costumes: Turn your ordinary headgears into chic costume items! This way, you can keep the look without the item effects. Cards and refinements will not carry over!

🔄 Revert Costumes Back to Headgears: Not feeling the look anymore? You can always revert your costume back to its original headgear form, but it will make it account bound!

Where Can I Find This Magical Fairy?
🌍 Location: Flex Market (prt_in 43 96)

How Much Does It Cost?
💰 Conversion: Turning your headgear into a costume will cost you 1,000 Flex Coins.
💰 Reversion: Reverting back to a headgear will only set you back 500 Flex Coins.
📣 Please note that transforming a headgear into a costume will remove all of its effects, including cards and refinements. These cannot be regained when reverted back.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to diversify your wardrobe. Strike a pose and make a statement today!

See you in-game!

FlexRO Team 🌟

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